Dance Floor Lighting

Lighting is as important to the wow of your dance floor as flowers are to the look of your ceremony.  Guests will have fun on a classy, elegant dance floor.  Our intelligent lights gives us control of the lights.  We can help set the mood for slow dancing, upbeat dancing, and more."Wow" your dance floor! Create the perfect atmosphere to set the mood for your guests!  Excalibur Entertainment can provide various intelligent lighting fixtures.  Give your event a club feel.  No matter what your event is, a wedding, school dance, a fund-raiser, private party, or corporate event, we can help you give the dance floor the 'wow' factor.

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Exotic Animal Photo Shoot & Petting Zoo

An interesting and amazing way to make any event special is with some exotic animals.  For a one hour animal photo shoot or a one hour petting zoo, guests can to touch and hold an exotic wild animal.  Pictures can be taken for keepsakes.  Who wants to hold a snake, tarantula, chinchilla, or wild bird.  If you don't want to hold an animal, it's alright to just look at them.

Personalized Photo Montage Production

A unique and creative lasting memory can be added with a photo montage.  Up to 30 photos will be programmed to 1-4 songs of your choice.  The photo montage will be displayed on two 42" LED Tv's for your guests to enjoy.  A great way to help entertain guests during cocktail or dinner hour during a reception, business functions, fundraisers, or any event.  The montage will be put on a DVD for you to enjoy in the years to come.

Personalized Monogram Projection

A monogram with the Bride and Groom's name or other image can be projected onto the dance floor and/or wall.  This helps create a special focal point  for your guests.  Also, the gobo is a keepsake to remember your event.

Environmental LED Uplighting

 Uplighting is lighting fixtures set around the room at different locations that shoot light upwards to enhance the wall or ceiling. If there is an archway or pillars in the room, architectural lighting will add ambiance to your room.   Adding uplighting to your wedding reception, sweet 16 birthday party, graduation party, Halloween party, or "your event" will complement the room. The room will always look extravagant and colorful to help enhance the mood and the room.  Add some environmental up lighting.

Uplighting are LED fixtures placed around the room.  Lights are placed on the floor in certain spots to help highlight the wall and cast an ambient glow up to the ceiling.  There are various colors that can be created: red, magenta, violet, yellow, orange, teal, blue, green and white.  A certain shade(s) can be produced to match wedding colors or any theme.  When dancing, the colors can change to the beat of the music.  A number of possibilities are available with up lighting based on your needs and desires.

Upgrades & Enhancements

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